Covid-19 Measures,
rules and standards for hygiene and safety

Dear guests,

Since your safety is our top priority, our team has implemented additional anti-epidemic measures for the complex and adjacent sites, all in accordance with health authorities’ guidelines.

Rules for guests

Hand disinfection – mandatory in the designated locations when entering the common areas of hotels, elevators, and restaurants

Distance between guests – keep a distance of 1.5 m from other guests and the site’s employees

Reception policies – adhere to the restrictions on access and the number of guests at the reception upon arrival, accommodation, departure, or any other occasion

Entrance-Exit – One-way regulated traffic must be followed at all times, and designated entrances and exits must be used.

Elevators – elevators can only be used by two people at a time.

Traffic in restaurants – follow the restrictions on access and traffic instructions in restaurants.

Wearing personal protective masks is mandatory.